The aim of the Master plan strategy is to activate the great potential of the riverbank and to develop a modern urban centre as an integral part of the city which will improve the appearance and importance of the site as well as entire Belgrade. Dynamic atmosphere, the overlap of various activities and suitability to different user groups throughout the year are secured by applying mixed use principles in the entire Master plan. All neighbourhoods, new promenade on the Danube riverbank, major park, public areas, but also each plot and building are designed according to mixed use principle so that all functions are present in a different ratio: residential space, commercial activities, culture, sport, public use, recreation etc. Two major elements, continuous waterfront and major public park which stretches paralelly to the riverbank, and is directly connected to the city centre, will give special quality to the new development and the city itself. Attractive network of pedestrian and cycling paths link all neighbouhoods, linear park and riverbank, with various landscapes and corridors which offer the view of the Danube. Pedestrian zone as the extension of Francuska street expands to the riverbank and to a short bridge which connects two sides of the port basin, linking the coast to continuous promenade, new destination for all Belgrade citizens. The promenade at the riverbank and the space along the port basin will be reserved solely for pedestrians and cyclists while the additional paths are envisaged at the lower level, close to the water. With its unique position next to the park, the canal will be new a attraction of Belgrade with many small bridges and green crossings. Along the pedestrian zone of the canal, there will be design shops, craft stores, art galleries, fashion stores, bars and restaurants.