University College London Colin Fournier

Luka Beograd


Colin Fournier

On behalf of Belgrade delegation, professor Colin Fournier presented Belgrade Waterfront project on Waterfront Expo in Liverpool in 2008. Dedicated to development and urbanization of cities' waterfronts, Waterfront Expo has gained deserved reputation of significant real estate conference thanks to the representatives of cities' authorities, investors, renowned architects and construction companies from more than 400 world cities.

The aim of the delegation was to present with Belgrade Danube Waterfront project big potentials and possibilities of Belgrade waterfront and to use this unique opportunity for exchanging experiences, knowledge and practices of the world's biggest cities.

Besides relevant experts, the presentation was supported by the participation of official city representatives which have already realized important urban development projects at their waterfronts.
Professor Fournier pointed out the historical context concerning the relation between Belgrade and its rivers and waterfronts. Like in other cities, this ambivalent relation resulted in dissociating the city from its waterfront and all possibilities it can offer.

Belgrade Waterfront project is an important first step in activating great potentials of Belgrade and its rivers.

There was presented the first phase of the project which refers to Master Plan development in cooperation and coordination between city institutions, universities and renowned consulting firms led by one of the most celebrated architects today - Daniel Libeskind