The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Luka Beograd



In the beginning of May, we expressed our interest to the Port of Belgrade, as Department of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to organize an architectural student workshop in Thessaloniki with the theme the redevelopment of the Belgrade Waterfront area to the Danube banks.

The Port of Belgrade accepted our proposal with enthusiasm, and with their support and the support of the Aristotle University, the workshop will take place on the 26th September until the 10th October 2008.

Our academic interest was mainly focused to the potential of the city as a place in transformation, in constant development and in a reshaping of its future. A city that is, geographically but also culturally, very close to Greece and particularly to Thessaloniki. The importance of the project in the Balkan area is enormous as Belgrade is a major point in European Corridors linking the cities of Balkans and Europe, leading to not only a commercial but also to a cultural exchange as the amount of visitors through river cruise boats is constantly increasing.

The waterfront project is a project that seeks for a city identity, a city image and symbol, a landmark; it seeks for a desirable international destination vision. In this identity research, it is very important to address issues as market demands, consumer profile, successful branding, but also reconnection with history and cultural background, care for the citizen that will co-live with this new area, penetration of the development in order to let the old city breath and not a creation of an autonomous, solely market oriented area. And of course, it is important to have an ecological approach, respectful towards the geomorphological activity of the site.