Luka Beograd



Scott Wilson is a global engineering and consultancy. With its headquarters in Great Britain, the company has a worldwide network of 80 offices and 6000 employees.

Scott Wilson offers Strategic Consultancy and multi-disciplinary professional services in railway, infrastructure, natural resources and traffic sectors.

The key regions are the UK, Asia-Pacific, Europe, India and the Middle East, with regional centres in London, Hong Kong, Warsaw, New Delhi and Bahrain/Dubai.

Scott Wilson carried out two researches for Luka Beograd company: the initial environmental impact assesment and the Intitial traffic impact assessment.

Initial environmental impact assessment represents the analysis of the environment on Luka Beograd's area. The assessment comprises sustainable development and construction analyses, hydrology, land quality assessment, contaminated land analyses, ecology and archeology.

The Scott Wilson study was carried out on the grounds of immediate analysis of the site and on the information given by local experts.

The aim of the initial traffic impact assessment for Luka Beograd's area was to make a short review of the existing traffic problems and their impact on the future development of the urban center.