Faculty of Architecture

in Belgrade

Luka Beograd


Collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and Luka Beograd

The aim of the collaboration was to deal with current issues which have formative impact on the future of Belgrade through teaching programmes and quality academic research.

Within the M4 teaching programme Architectural Urban project in the first semester of graduate academic studies at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, led by docent Đorđe Stojanović, dipl.eng.arch, MArch AA, MSc LSE, ARB there was the research of Belgrade territory along the Danube which is owned by Luka Beograd. During the semester students analysed the potentials of the site and then defined possible developmental directions.

At the beginning of the year they analysed architectural strategies for the development of huge segment of the city's territory searching for specific characteristics of the site and their relations. During the elaboration of the planning protocol and space form, they addressed the issues of accessibility, construction density, distribution of purposes and reciprocity of private and public space.

Flexible adaptive forms were conceived as part of planned urbanization supplemented by unpredictable factors. Numerous researches were conducted in the fields of architecture, maths, biology and management theory, looking for an unrestricted approach in big project architecture.

In the second semester the attention was focused on closed space of one of the warehouses on the same site and its reconstruction. Previously developed knowledge of planning techniques was reinforced by the acquisition of fabrication methods in order to produce a feasible solution.