Luka Beograd



CEP is a 30-year-old company involved in urban and spatial planning, traffic planning and architectural and construction project realization. Generations of CEP employees have developed recognizable methodology in the following fields:


  • Spatial and urban planning - city planning which respected the proportions of a man represented "a reasonable city" planning in the seventies. This approach is today accepted as urban planning practice based on sustainable development of the cities and their renovation.
  • Architectural project realization - contextual architecture - modern architectural planning approach whose aim is to harmonize the building and its environment trying to preserve its stylistic consistency. The aim of project managers is to develop modern architecture which respects the existing concept and local spirit.
  • Traffic studies and project - the application of modern software which enables the simulation of suggested solutions in traffic studies in most cities of Serbia and Montenegro as well as in the studies of Belgrade, projects and affirmation of cycling in the cities, projects regarding specific traffic signalization design (touristic, historical..)
  • Project management - complete project management from land acquisition to the beginning of construction in Belgrade

CEP's involvement in Luka Beograd's project "City On Water":

  • Basic studies realization and analyses focused on significant advantages and possible drawbacks in the development of the location: its historical importance and immediate environment, existing manner of land use, existing traffic network, existing infrastructure network, geological characteristics of the site, environmental problems, existing planning documents, local procedures...
  • Collaboration with Daniel Libeskind Studio and Gehl Architects as local partners - presentation of local norms and standards, suggestions concerning the location's identity and the way of life in the city.
  • Participation in Workshops in Belgrade and New York
  • Realization of the complete version of the Master Plan

CEP's team involved in the "City On Water" project:

  • Ljubina Stefanović-Tasić - dipl. Ing. Arch.
  • Vuk Đurović - dipl. Ing. Arch.
  • Ognjen Đurović - dipl. Ing. Arch.
  • Nataša Tančev - dipl. Ing. Arch.
  • Zorica Šljukić - dipl. Ing. Arch.
  • Milica Dimitrijević - dipl. Ing. Arch.
  • Milan Pavićević - dipl. Ing. Arch.