Luka Beograd



Street hierarchy creates the conditions for balanced traffic network and facilitates the orientation.
Balanced traffic enables access for all types of vehicles reducing car traffic to the minimum level. Different street dimensions clearly indicate the character and special purpose of the streets which facilitates the orientation and coordination in new environment.

Traffic network enables sufficient access to each district and public destination thus reducing the traffic between districts. Priority is given to public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

New Danube boulevard is the main city road (1st street type) with two lanes in each direction, parking/loading lanes, bicycle lanes and three meter sidewalks bordered by trees. The extension of Francuska street as well as the other two main boulevards which connect the old part of the city with the riverbank represent main local roads (2nd street type with two lanes in each direction (one of which serves for loading at the allocated time), space for trees, bicycle lanes and three-meter sidewalks.

The rest are neighbourhood streets (3rd street type) with one lane in each direction, parking/loading lanes and 2.5-meter sidewalks. Street hierarchy is additionally marked by the type of trees and public greenery (first type wide streets=big trees, second type narrow streets=small trees, third type sideway streets=greenery and grass).