Luka Beograd



The Danube and the Sava are key elements for the understanding of our city. They have historical value for the economy and appearance of Belgrade. But today these rivers are essentially concealed. The railway and its facilities, dense traffic and the industrial zone build a barrier between the city and the waterfront. The aim of the strategy is to activate incredible potential of the riverbank as an integral part of the city and to construct quality public space which would enhance the appearance and significance not only of this location, but of entire Belgrade.

Francuska street will extend to the riverbank over the pedestrian zone which will end with a big square, public library and a modern skyscraper, new landmark of the capital, which will be Belgrade's new attraction. For the first time the public will be given a direct access to Danube's waterfront from the city center. For the first time, the public will be able to have direct access to the Danube riverbank from the city centre.

The Master plan entirely uses the assets and the potential of the location which descends to the river to a great extent, along the bank of the Danube and the quay of the port, defining its borders and exhausting the typology of the space.

The strategy envisages the construction of a modern public promenade, popular city destination and tourist attraction, which will offer dynamic city life to the inhabitants and visitors and also provide access to adequate facilities close to the river and nature.

The new promenade will be a unique and integrated space, which will extend from Marina Dorćol to Pančevo Bridge, thanks to a small bridge which will connect two sides of the port basin. Continuous pedestrian and bicycle lane with trees and greenery, a city beach, public pools, docks, benches and sport facilities, will be the attractions along the river.

Considering that the level of the Danube significantly varies over the seasons, the location is generally raised to the new level of floods, while paths and platforms are envisaged at lower levels, which provide access to the river even at the time of low water level. At several places the steps will lead to the river, offering the opportunity to sit and admire the view.

The edge of the port basin is also transformed into a promenade with diverse greenery, shops and cafes with the view of the port and the river, anchored vessels, small boats and rafts. A round floating platform at the end of the new pedestrian zone extending to Francuska street will be used for concerts and other events. Passenger ship terminal is located behind the skyscraper, while the terminal building will include a tourist information center, concert agency and a gift shop. The main destination will be Belgrade skyscraper which will include shops, restaurants, a hotel, conference halls and bars, which will provide services with unique panoramic view of the Danube and the entire city.