Luka Beograd



Trees and green areas in urban environment have a positive effect on people and improve the quality of life to a great extent. Not only do they contribute to the reduction of noise and pollution which are the problems of every major city, but they also enhance the esthetics of the place and its attractiveness.

Studies show that people who live close to green areas experience three times less stress on an annual level compared to those who don't have such an opportunity. The same relation was found between working space and green areas.

Today green areas also have an increasing role in creating healthy environment open for physical activity and entertainment.

All of the above requires that, before each new development, ecological diversity and space for active and passive leisure activities be created during the year.

The aim of the strategy is to build continuous green area along the entire location as a new public park which would represent a green oasis close to the city centre.

A 16 ha linear park will become an integral part of the city centre and will cover the same area as Despota Stefana boulevard: from the end of Francuska street to Pancevo bridge. At its widest point which is directly linked to Francuska street it will have the size of three football stadiums.

Each part of the park will offer different facilities and functions including diverse landscapes and public attractions. It will provide leisure and sport activities, excursions, relaxation and entertainment which will make it attractive to different user groups throughout the year.
The characteristics of green areas will vary from district to district: some will resemble cultivated parks while others will look like wild meadows which will create a unique environment and give the identity to the new part of the city.

The view of the Danube and the port basin, green elements which are connected to the river and the proximity of the attractive river promenade will add value and special quality to the new park in Belgrade, which is shared by only few cities in the world.