Luka Beograd



The location will be divided into 7 basic units (neighbourhoods) which will be connected by a major linear park of 16 ha which will cover the entire area.

Green roof neighbourhood


Due to contemporary bioclimatic architecture, unique surroundings between major park, port basin and the Danube and mixed use, this neighbourhood will become the new center of Belgrade.

Its basis will be the pedestrian zone which directly extends into Francuska street. It begins with a big square and ends on the river, with a small bridge which connects two sides of a port basin and a promenade.

As in Knez Mihajlova street, it will have shops, bookstores, art galleries, foreign cultural centers and restaurants with terraces, while upper floors will be allocated to residential, business and public space.


At the end of the pedestrian zone there will be a library overlooking the port and a 250-meter skyscraper which will be visual contact between the new urban centre and the rest of the city. Below the bridge there will be a platform which will give special dimension and experience as a new place for concerts.





Lower city

This neighbourhood will comprise urban blocks of different heights mixing residential, business and public space. They will form small squares, green gardens and a local promenade with corner shops, school and a kindergarten.



Industrial heritage

One part of the new urban center will contain Luka Beograd's facilities which represent industrial heritage of great architectural value. With a different purpose, they will be reconstructed and transformed in a new context. A long hall located next to the linear park on the right side of the extended Francuska street will be the center of contemporary art and creative industry, whose activities will contribute to dynamic, urban life of the entire city. The front hall close to the river is envisaged as a concert venue because of its attractive position and will become a symbol of the port's transformation.


Eastern Dorćol

Surrounded by the park, this neighbourhood will have a pedestrian network and little squares with the view of the port. Small family blocks with modern buildings will be connected by pedestrian and bicycle paths which will end at the big park. Danube Boulevard, which is bordered by trees, will be dominated by the buildings which will provide office space, shops, cafes and restaurants.


Belgrade city

This will be business and educational centre whose buildings are organized as a labyrinth of alleys, paths and green squares resembling Mediterranean cities. This neighbourhood will consist of low rise and high rise buildings. Various pedestrian paths with bars and restaurants will lead from the park to the urbanized riverbank. Big and small squares with green areas will be perfect for a walk, entertainment or escape from the milling crowds.


The Danube neighbourhood

The location currently taken up by commercial center "Tempo" will be turned into a modern neighbourhood with residential, business and commercial purpose, which are combined in each building with a unique position close to the park and the river. This neighbourhood will have a canal which will be Belgrade's new attraction with a number of small bridges and green overpasses. There will be design shops, craft stores, art galleries, boutiques, bars and restaurants along the pedestrian zone of the canal.

Close to Pančevo bridge, which is ideally located within the site, there will be a big congress center with direct access for traffic and nearby Beovoz train station.


The Danube port

North of the port's basin will be a neighbourhood surrounded by water from three sides and with dense network of pedestrians zones and squares. Modernized port will take up a large part of this neighbourhood with accompanying facilities and different uses. On the other hand, the part of the neighbourhood facing the river will contain attractive buildings of mixed use and part of the new promenade. City beach, public pools at the edge of the riverbank, cafes and restaurants overlooking the river, bicycle and pedestrian paths bordered by trees, sport centers and green areas will be part of the new Belgrade attraction.


Danube Boulevard

Danube boulevard is the main artery of the new center with two lanes, tram line and a bicycle lane. Bordered by trees, it follows the ecological standard of the capitals and offers new office space which will provide better conditions to the new residents of the "City On Water".