Urban matrix of the complex extands to the rest of the city so that the existing streets will expand into new roads.

Luka Beograd



Feasibility of the huge project such as „City On Water" largely depends on its connection to other parts of the city considering that the industrial zone on which it will be built was intentionally separated. Sufficient number of roads and a good connection between the new centre and the old part of the city are necessary and represent the biggest strategic task of the new development.

Urban matrix of the complex spreads to the rest of the city so that the existing streets would be extended into new roads.

However, in order to enable adequate traffic connection, it has been planned to build the following:

  • Underpasses in Francuska, Dunavska and Knežopoljska streets
  • Overpasses in Cvijićeva and Mitropolita Petra streets which connect the location to Despota Stefana Boulevard
  • New Danube boulevard has been intended to replace Dunavska street (with three lanes in each direction) which would, as the main artery of the new centre, considerably improve the traffic flow.
  • Introduction of new Beovoz train lines as part of railway development plans until 2012 with two passenger stops on the site of Luka Beograd which would enhance the quality of public transport and reduce car traffic.
  • LRT metro line in the proximity of the site, which would go from Republic Square, through Despota Stefana Boulevard to Karaburma (according to Belgrade transport plan).