Corporate social responsibility

Luka Beograd


Luka Beograd's CSR vison

Corporate social responsibility is one of Luka Beograd's basic business principles. Luka Beograd's CSR strategy refers to the entire range of its activities, to the way it affects the environment and to the development of its employees, to how it benefits the community and communicate with it. Striving to incorporate the CSR principles into its business strategy, Luka Beograd company pays particular attention to creating new contents and values.

A significant advance in the concept of socially responsible governance is reflected in the separation of this discipline from humanitarian work through an official call issued from the European Council in Lisbon to European business circles in 2000, with the aim of promoting positive examples of work organization, equal opportunities and sustainable development.

Luka Beograd company with its CSR activities actively joined the battle against social exclusion. Separating humanitarian work from its CSR activities, Luka Beograd strives to communicate with broader community, adding a new dimension to its business.

Since corporate philanthropy is generally focused on social problems leaving little space for art and creativity, Luka Beograd company decided to focus its attention on these issues.

Free space for artists

The idea of giving free space to artists comes as a result of the necessity to create new artistic and exhibition space and to establish closer links between artists. By supporting art projects and by directing its activities towards the promotion of talented individuals, Luka Beograd contributes to developing cultural values of the society and enhances creativity, innovation and freedom of expression, which represent the basis of social progress.

The list of artists in Luka Beograd:

  1. Nenad Marjanović, photographer
  2. Mihael Milunović, painter and sculptor
  3. Slavimir Stojanović, painter and designer
  4. Miroslav Lazović, painter
  5. Miloš Šobajić, sculptor
  6. Dragoljub Zamurović, art photographer
  7. Mladen Miljuš, musician
  8. Isidora Ivanović, artistic association "Diversus Visum"

Other activities

In order to reach broader public through its CSR activities, Luka Beograd on the 15th of August, 2010, supported creative encounter of talented graffiti artists as part of "Boredom kills" campaign, organized by the company "Knjaz Miloš" and brand "Guarana" and in that way gave its contribution to solving young artists' problems regarding lack of work and exhibition space. In this project, young artists painted 20 walls of the "Metalci" building which is the oldest industrial heritage in the Balkans.

As CSR- focused business should be one of the key elements of the company's economic success, taking into account its social and environmental responsibility, Luka Beograd is constantly involved in environmentally responsible activities and projects which should raise awareness of the importance of connection to the river.
On June 5th, 2010, participating in the "Big cleaning of Serbia", Luka Beograd gave its contribution to environment protection, showed ecological responsibility and supported the ecological development program.

Humanitarian work

As part of its active contribution to society, without whose development there is no business success, Luka Beograd focuses its activities on helping those in need, taking part in socially important projects, giving donations and supporting cultural events.

During the years we helped the renovation of the Nursing home in Diljska street and supported events in the Municipality of Palilula.

Luka Beograd joined the action "Gift for the Boulevard-the sign we love Belgrade" and helped the purchase of new plane-trees showing one more time its CSR awareness.



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